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AstroGold is a BSC token that aims to make a difference in the space frontier. The maximum supply is 1 billion tokens but over half of them have been burned due to extra tokens being available with the presale values being set. The tokenomics of AstroGold are set out to help the longevity and aims of the AstroGold project as follows:

• 6% to pay for marketing and development

• 4% rewards in DaddyDoge to all AstroGold holders

• 2% added to the liquidity pool

These tokenomics were chosen to grow an investors portfolio by holding two tokens, bring longevity to a project so a development team doesn’t have to hold a large bag of tokens and keep a stable price floor with the liquidity pool.

AstroGold is a totally “unruggable” project straight from presale. The contract has had all “honeypot” functions removed or altered so there is no way to stop sales for users. They are able to trade freely and without worry that they would never be able to take out their investment. All liquidity is locked and the development team will hold no unlocked large token sums. The aim is to have you as investors feeling safe and secure from the very start. After all we are here to turn investments into “Gold” whilst helping fund new innovative space projects.

PreSale and Launch

AstroGold’s main objective from doing a presale is to create a stable price floor for an initial launch and therefore gives a level playing field for every investor involved. The presale will be hosted by the tried and trusted DxSale platform. The caps of the presale will be 25 BNB for a soft cap and 50 BNB for a hard cap, with 0.1 and 2.5 BNB minimum and maximum contributions. On top of this, the launch price will start at the same as the presale to give the best opportunity for all investors at launch that missed out on a presale.

90% of the liquidity from the presale will be added to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool and safely locked away. This is so the initial 10% can be instantly put to good use to build presence and awareness of the AstroGold project from the get-go.

There will be no large separate dev wallets held. The devs will make money through project growth and a small cut of the house wallet, this is intended to give investors confidence and trust that the development team will be here for the long term to see the project grow. Market manipulation from Devs is a big no from us at AstroGold.

All tokens that are not transferred through the DxSale either by presale or the liquidity pool will be burned. AstroGold will be even more solidified by obtaining third party audits to highlight the full validity of the project moving forward.

Liquidity Pool Algorithm

Part of the core logic of the AstroGold contact is an automatic liquidity pool algorithm. 2% of each buy and sell is accumulated and then added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. This aims to reduce the price fluctuations when larger wallets decide to sell their tokens at any point in time. In short, the tokens and BNB added to the liquidity pool creates stability and an increased price floor.


By holding AstroGold you will be able to automatically claim $DaddyDoge tokens, which will be sent to your wallet. Daddy Doge was chosen due to the nature of the project in both the “red bull of crypto” and the fact they themselves are “unruggable”, albeit by the means of having a renounced contract. The DaddyDoge you accumulate is possible to hold or sell at any point.