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Successful Launch - Next Target 1 Cent!

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The 'Unruggable' Space Crypto

Go Golden

With our marketing ambitions and favourable tokenomics we aim to make your investment ‘turn to gold’ on an initial journey towards a 1 cent token and ‘beyond’. The primary function is to create a sustainable project that has tangible financial benefits to all.


We believe a combination of our vast marketing knowledge and engaging our investors from launch will grow this ground breaking token to levels never seen before in the DeFi space.


The primary purpose of this coin is to assist young enthusiasts globally so they can realise and achieve their dreams helping to further mankind’s journey to the stars.


In order to have the largest reach from day one and to give investors twice the chance of gaining on their investment, rewards are distributed in another top rated Bsc project token to gain a win-win scenario. $Daddydoge stands out as the ‘Redbull of Crypto’ and it was an obvious choice to use their token for our reward. These tokens can be kept as a 2nd investment or indeed swapped as normal via an exchange.

Drive to the stars

We will be actively supporting ‘non -profit’ organisations and charities that aim to further mankind’s ‘drive to the stars’.


Initially we will be looking to assist in getting younger students involved early in space technologies and ‘Astro’ related activities and 3rd party organisations have already been identified such as Space Foundation, The Planetary Society, Mars Society, UK SEDS and many more.


AstroGold intends to turn your investment to gold. Not only do we intend to reach the stars with AstroGold, holders will be rewarded with $DaddyDoge due to 4% being distributed from transactions. Aligning ourselves with DaddyDoge has allowed us to immediately and consistently increase the awareness of our project and gives our investors double the opportunity to go golden.

We have a 12% tax on every transaction intended to contribute to our holders and the overall health of the project:

4% of $DaddyDoge proportionally rewarded to AstroGold holders

2% added to the liquidity pool

6% sent to the house wallet to fund our huge marketing and development plans

Road map

Phase One

  • Website launch
  • Successful Presale and launch
  • Establishment of our commitment to support key organisations
  • Build presence across social platforms
  • Build a community with 5,000 Telegram
  • 5,000 Holders
  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • 1st Exchange listing
  • Surprises along the journey

Phase Two

  • Full third party audit
  • 25,000 holders
  • 20,000 members in our Telegram community
  • Well known influencers spreading the awareness
  • Media coverage
  • Worldwide global presence and marketing
  • Numerous exchange listings
  • Initial funding rounds in exciting projects that are aiming to ‘drive’ to the stars
  • Community giveaways and competitions
  • Expansion of the team

Phase Three

  • 50,000+ holders
  • 50,000 in our Telegram community
  • Continous giveaways and competitions
  • Multiple T1 exchange listings
  • Collaborations with large space programs
  • Large influencer promotions across all platforms
  • Exciting opportunities for members to be part of innovative projects

Phase Four

  • See you in the stars ⭐

How to buy

Step 1

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications

Step 2

Purchase Binance Tokens (BNB) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. (Remember to send a small amount if it’s your first transaction to make sure you have the transfer set up correctly)

Step 3

On our home page, click ‘Buy’. This will open a Dapp Exchange Called “PancakeSwap”.

Step 4

A popup will open, click the checkbox “I understand”, this will load AstroGold into PancakeSwap. Alternatively you can load PancakeSwap manually and use this address – 0xA10e0789Ba4eb442014Ed4524845eBD0a5d2686D

Step 5

Make sure your MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet Is synced with PancakeSwap.

Step 6

Set the amount of AstroGold you would like to purchase , and set slippage to 12%. Then press Swap!

Step 7

And… go golden with AstroGold!